This is the bravest quiet revolution, the one that does not care for the hustle and bustle of the day,
the one that manages to expand the hours.
It is a revolution that needs valuable allies:
beauty and simplicity
are made of stones, trees, fragrances and colors.

Il dolce far niente

Here I am at home, where I can find those flavors, those attitudes transmitted since ever. Outside the windows, in the countryside around here, there is home. It is made of silence that gives you a new sense of time. There is no rush. There is only time to toast with a good wine suggested by the tradition of this land.

Il dolce far niente


feeling like at home


emotioned by the Castle

Vivi il Castello


discovering the taste of the vineyards

Regala il Castello

regala un'emozione

The story of the many people who have gone through these walls tells me that there is always a good reason to toast I toast to all my friends meeting me here, for them who this is home too, I toast to that luxury, to that simplicity, which is being lost. I toast to the music, I toast to love and life that this place expresses with authentic clarity.